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This is version 1.50 

The code is beta software and provided on the wxWindows Licence with no warranty.

Binary for MS-Windows - 98/win2k/XP

setup_wxh150_wx280.exe contains a binary, source code and helpfiles for wxHatch works with Borland, Cygwin, Digital mars, Microsoft,  MingW, Watcom compilers

Binary for Mac OSX

wxhatch-1.50.dmg contains a binary and helpfiles for wxHatch works with Leopard (and probably Tiger). This is a unversal binary, so should work on PPC as well as the Intel it was developed on.

Binaries for Linux on Intel x86 machines

These files contain a statically linked binary, and the helpfiles for wxHatch and for wxWidgets. It was built on a Slackware 9.1 box with the 2.8.0 release of the wxWidgets library configured with:
./configure --with-gtk --enable-debug --enable-gtk2 --with-libpng=builtin --enable-shared=no --with-libtiff=builtin
This binary is for systems with the gtk2 library (try pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --modversion   On the Slackware box it was 2.2.4). 

In my testing, some distributions did not install all the tools needed to compile a c++ program by default. You may need to add  extra packages beyond the default install (these include gcc, g++, autoconf, libgtk2.0-dev) and make links in /usr/bin from gcc and  g++ to the installed versions (eg gcc-3.4 and g++3.4)
Please notify me ( of any other Linux platforms with success/failure

[Source code for wxhatch-1.5-src-5.tar.gz is here]

Obtaining the wxWidgets Library

If you don't already use wxWidgets you can use wxHatch to fetch the latest version (or if you are behind a firewall) download the wxWidgets library manually

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