Using wxHatch: The First time

Choosing a compiler: Use Choose | Select External Compiler and choose the one you have. Other compilers can be added by editing the file codedir/cmds.csv and restarting wxHatch. Please send patches to me Chris Elliott,

Set the wxWidgets directory: Use Choose |  Select wxWidgets Directory and browse to the appropriate directory

Choosing a new project: This provides a selection box for the type of project (e.g. text application, drawing/imaging application, list box application, new dialog) and the project will be placed in a new directory with the selected name. wxHatch will put files in this directory; initally it will contain

The 4 code files are: The names of the first two files are determined by the name of the project, and will compile to produce an executable with that name

The code files are parsed to generate a menu window and these are shown in the main frame. The code windows behave like standard editing panes. Other text files, eg the makefiles, can also be loaded independently.

Compiling and running a project: Use the Make menu, and choose Make to build the project. This will produce a makefile for the compiler selected. Now choose Make | Run to execute the program. Initially, this produces a blank window, colored green, with no menus and which responds to no mouse events. It can be closed by clicking in the top right corner;

The power of wxHatch comes from the ease with which menus and dialogs can be added, or mouse events handled in the window as described in Step Two

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