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To do list
Roadmap for version 2

Acheived by 1.50 release -
Acheived by 1.36 release -
No longer in 1.0 to 2.0 Roadmap

Bugs when building with wxWidgets 2.6
(these are the ones I have found using it to build projects regulalrly; others are sure to be present!)

All toolkits

wxMSW  (Borland C, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Watcom, Digital Mars, Cygwin or Mingw compilers) wxGTK wxMotif - tested with Windowmaker on Linux; Solaris wxX11 - tested with Windowmaker and ICEWM wxMAC - untested Bugs when building with wxWidgets 2.4.2

Sourceforge Bug Tracker page for wxHatch

Things to sort


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