Using wxHatch: Step Two

Adding menus: On opening a project, a blank menu window is created. Menus can be added to the menubar, and then items added to the menubar. Some preselected Menus. for File, Edit and Help are provided. Right clicking on a menuitem provides a context-sensitve popup menu, with choices to move, rename or delete the menu item. It also provides an opportunity to go to selected places in the code. Left-double clicking takes you to the body of the method which will be called by the event.

Editing the code: the code can be edited using the standard windows keys and clipboard, but an external editor can be invoked if necessary.

Adding dialogs: The standard wxWidgets dialogs can be loaded into the code windows by using Insert Dialog menu. The code is copied from codedir/snipdlgs.cpp, and includes comments on the variables. Other wxWindow Dialogs can be added to this file

Changing the icon: An external image editor (see the complex example or use gimp) can be used to edit the icon.

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