wxHatch Reference :  Screenshots of wxHatch

The wxHatch project uses several windows to give different views of the project: click the pictures - all from the GTK version -  for more detailed screenshots!

Text Windows: these show the C++ code in a syntax-highlighting editor. Right-click to use copy and paste, or to get help. If the cursor is over an image, the right-click menu will offer you the chance to invoke an (external) image editor to create or edit the picture

You can use Insert Dialog and Insert Code to add the standard wx-dialogs -features and dialogs you have created inthe integrated dialog editor to your project
screendump in text view
Menu Zone: This shows replicas of the menus - right click to change their properties, eg Title, accelerator(Ctrl+) keys. You can use drag and drop to rearrange the menus. Insert a menu item after the currently selected one. 

Double-click a replica to go to its code. 

This also shows a toolbar, and you can drag menu items onto the toolbar. Right click the toolbar images to chage or edit them

Right clicking in the grey bar at the top of the menu zone also allows you to add or find methods for the frame members, and if you have a drawing window, right click the white background to goto or add methods for the canvas too.

screendump in menu view
Class list view shows all the members of each class in the current project, with each branch being able to be expanded or collapsed. Double click a method to go to it in code view
screendump in treeview mode
Dialog Editing View allows you to construct sizer based dialogs, which automatically adopt the correct size on each platform. Sizers and controls  can be added using the buttons on the left of the window. Menus can be used to move controls around in the sizers and adjust their tab order

Dialogs are tested in a simple harness, but can easily be added to wxHatch projects, using the Insert Dialogs | Own Dialog command
Link to image of screendump in dlialog mode

Link to dialog in action image

Screenshots from other platforms are here

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