wxHatch Reference: Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + Key
These keys are mainly to accelerate working in the program code view, the ones with an asterisk work in all views

A   N * Find code line with next compiler error
B Find and select matching brace; 
with Shift adjust indentation of matching brace section
C Edit Copy
with Shift, put C-Comment /* */ around selection
P Print 
with Shift, print preview
D Goto Dialog editing pane;
with Shift, put double() around selection
E   R * Run
F Find 
with Shift, repeat last find
S Save project
G GoTo Line T * View class tree
with Shift, put wxT(" ") around selection
H Switch between Header/code files U with Shift, put WXUNUSED ( ) around selection
I with Shift, put int() around selection V Edit Paste
J   W * View menu
K   X Edit Cut;
with Shift put wxT( ' ' ) around selection
L Replace, 
with shift, Repeat last replace
M * Make Z Undo 
with Shift, redo

Function keys are listed here

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