wxHatch Reference : Images

icons and toolbar bitmaps

Icons and toolbar bitmaps come in many formats, including;

With the release of version 2.3.2 of the wxindows library, .ico formats can be read on Mac and Unix platforms as well as in MS-Windows. With the current CVS, .ico format files can be both read and written by wxWidgets


Since .ico formats are required internally by the executable (.exe) files in MS-Windows for the program icon, the icon used by wxHatch is stored in .ico format. This also applies to projects built with wxHatch, which are assigned a defualt mondrian icon

In both MS-Windows and GTK-Unix systems, this icon is displayed in the frame and when the program is iconised


The toolbar bitmaps are always stored as xpm format files


In wxMSW,  cursors are stored in .cur format. In version 07 of wxHatch, several different cursors are used as the mouse is moved over the menu zone in both MSW and GTK code 

Editing images

The complex tutorial builds a simple icon editor and convertor which will read/write .ico, .cur and .xpm formats  - otherwise use gimp

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