Making wxHatch with Mingw gcc for MS Windows

I have successfully built and used the Mingw from packages for gcc 2.95 and 3.2.x to build and run wxhatch. Testing has been done with versions of MinGW-1.0MinGW-2.0  and MinGW-3.0 You will also need either:

1) Build the wxWidgets library if required

Modify your c:\autoexec.bat file to include line like this: (check if the wxWidgets installer has done it for you, but note the / after c:)
set wxwin=c:/wxWidgets
If you have not used wxWidgets before, you will need to create a suitable setup.h reflecting your system. The easiset way is to use the default: go to the wxwindows directory and type
       copy include\wx\msw\setup0.h include\wx\msw\setup.h

If you are using gcc 2.95 (from mingw 1.01 or earlier) you need to find the file in the wxwindows\src directory called makeg95.env and remove the comment symbol (#) from the line
and commenting the line

Go to the  wxwindows\src\msw directory and type

make -f makefile.g95
Go to the  wxwindows\contrib\src\stc directory and build the styled text control library by typing
make -f makefile.g95
This will build the default configuration. For other configurations, see the  installation instructions
2) Build wxHatch
Go to the wxhatch directory
For gcc2.95 and earlier type
make -f makefile.g95
For gcc3.0 and later, type [I don't know why the environment variable is not read correctly by make]
make -f makefile.g95 WXWIN=%WXWIN%
On to using the program