Making wxHatch with Cygwin gcc for MS Windows

I have successfully built  wxhatch with version 2.4.2 of wxWidgets and the Cygwin package, obtained using the Cygwin setup program :

1) Build the wxWidgets library if required

  • In the bash shell window, go to the wxWidgets directory, and type
  • Go to the  wxWidgets/contrib/src/stc directory and build the styled text control library by typing
  • This will build the default configuration. For other configurations, see the  wxWidgets installation instructions At present, building a shared libary does not work.
    2) Build wxHatch
    Go to the wxhatch directory. You just need to give configure the relative path to the main wxWidgets directory, eg type
    configure --with-wxWINDIR=../wxWidgets
    If configure cannot find the wxWidgets files, error messages will be generated.
    If you want wxhatch available from the command line use
    make install
    On to using the program