Expanding autotext

Press the F2 key. If the current word is not recognised as an abbreviation, the New Autotext dialog will be displayed.

Adding new Autotext

Press Alt+F2 keys together. The current word will be offered in the New Autotext dialog as the default expansion


System-wide abbreviations and expansions are in codedir/autotext.csv User added abbreviations are placed in $HOME/.wxh_autotexts.csv (On windows machines it could be My Documents\.wxh_autotexts.csv)

Default settings

The abbreviations are case-insensitive - expansions are case fixed.
The following pairs of abbreviations and expansions are set: 

Standard c/c++ types etc
b bool
b* bool *
c class
d double
d* double *
i int
i* int *
l long
l* long *
v void
v* void *
Favourite wxWidgets Classes
wa wxArrayString
wa* wxArrayString *
wb wxBitmap
wb* wxBitmap *
wbr wxBrush
wbr* wxBrush *
wc wxColour
wc* wxColour *
wch wxChar
wch* wxChar *
wd wxDC
wd* wxDC *
wf wxFileName
wf* wxFileName *
wi wxImage
wi* wxImage *
wp wxPen
wp* wxPen *
ws wxString

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