Making wxHatch with Mingw gcc for MS Windows

I have successfully built and used the Mingw from packages for gcc 2.95 and 3.2.x to build and run wxhatch. Testing has been done with versions of MinGW-1.0MinGW-2.0  and MinGW-3.1. You need to download:

1) Build the wxWidgets library if required

  • In the sh (rxvt) shell window, go to the wxWidgets directory, and type
  • Go to the  wxWidgets/contrib/src/stc directory and build the styled text control library by typing
  • This will build the default configuration. For other configurations, see the  wxWidgets installation instructions
    2) Build wxHatch
    Go to the wxhatch directory. You just need to give configure the relative path to the main wxWidgets directory, eg type
    configure --with-wxWINDIR=../wxWidgets
    If configure cannot find the wxWidgets files, error messages will be generated.
    To run wxhatch, you need to add the shared wxWidgets DLL to your path; for the MSYS sh shell
    export PATH=$PATH:../wxWidgets/lib
    ./wxhatch &

    On to using the program

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