wxHatch: a program to build wxWidgets applications

Welcome to wxHatch!

wxHatch is a gui building block tool to put together applications which use the wxWidgets library, with the ability to incorporate menus, dialogs, code templates and to provide a rapid navigation into the relevant code. It goes a long way to being a platform independent IDE for a platform-independent system!!

License: is here. Briefly, the same as  wxWidgets. You may create and distribute programs created using the wxHatch program and wxWidgets library for free or for profit - however there is no warranty of any kind, either for the code or for programs constructed with wxHatch. The code is all copyright, but may be reused providing any changes you make to the wxHatch program or wxWigets libraries should be made publicly available. wxHatch may not be redistributed commercially with out permission.

Main features: wxHatch generates new wxWidgets projects, 

Limitations listed here:
Patches: are very welcome Corrections to the code or additional features both helpful. Please send these to me Chris Elliott, biol75@york.ac.uk. Bug reports are also welcome

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