Text Editing tutorial: Part 2

This tutorial develops the simple wxWidgets text-editing program, and in this stage we add an Edit Menu

Add a standard Edit menu 
  1. In the Menuzone, click Add menu | Edit menu
  2. The wxTextCtrl alrady has methods to Cut, Copy and Paste text, and CanCut(), CanCopy and CanPaste() so it should be starightforward to develop this code following the examples set for the File menu. If you get stuck, type wxTextCtrl, select it and press Ctrl+F1; this should give you context sensitve help
  3. You may like to drag the Replicas into the toolbar and you will automatically get bitmap icons for them
Compile and test your application loads files, does Cut, Copy and Paste and check the enable works on the menus and toolbars

Add to the Edit Menu items to change Font and Search