Dialog tutorial: Part 1

This tutorial develops a simple Search/Replace dialog and a HTML viewer dialog, based on wxWidgets Sizer code. Sizers are a means to ensure that the dialog fits nicely together, and has a sensible size on any platform.  You can read about sizers, how to edit them manually and what all the parameters mean at http://neume.sourceforge.net/sizerdemo/

The Dialog editor was introduced into wxHatch at version 1.3 and is likely to develop further with future releases. An outline of its structure is in this help file

Starting a New Dialog:
Create  an New Dialog project by using the wxHatch File | New menu and choosing New Dialog This will create

The mainsizer is the root of the dialog, and can hold other sizers or individual controls. The wxVERTICAL style means that these controls will be arranged vertically.  At the start, it contains a buttonsizer, which will have working OK and Cancel buttons. Compile and Run the program to see how it looks.

To make a Search Dialog, we need to add some controls:
Any problems?

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