Prebuilt library for Borland 5.5 compiler download

This download is a self-installing executable, built with Inno setup. This contains:

Running setup_wxh_XXX.exe will run a standard windows installation, with coice of the directory into which the files are to be installed. In this it will create a wx/wxHatch directory, containing the wxHatch.exe file, and appropriate help files. It will also create a wx/wxWidgets directory tree, containing enough of the library and dlls needed to compile projects with the free Borland compiler. The wxHatch source is also included. The setup program will add appropriate registry keys, and for win 95/98/ME attempt to modiy the autoexec.bat file to add the library directory ot the path, so that the wx32d.dll can be used.

This provides a ready to run wxHatch system for users of the 5.5 Borland compiler. You can create, compile, run and invoke the free debugger in your projects using the wxWidgets library quickly - they will depend on the wxWidgetsdll (wx32d.dll) and a Borland dll (cc3250mt.dll)

You can generate makefiles for other windows compilers and for unix platforms.

If you want to build a static exe file, which does not depend on the wxWidgets Dll, or build with other MS-windows compilers, you will need to download the full wxMSW sources, currently available here, and can simply extract them over the wxWidgets-2.4.2 directory.

This download is covered by the wxWidgets licence and the wx32d.dll file may be freely redistributed.

No warranty of any kind is provided. The Inno setup uninstaller program is provided

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