wxHatch: a program to build wxWidgets (wxWindows) applications

Purpose: This program is intended as a gui building block to put together basic wxWidgets applications, with the ability to automatically generate makefiles, design and manipulate menus, and to incorporate code samples and dialogs,

License: wxWidgets. No warranty of any kind, either for the code or programs constructed with wxHatch. The code is all copyright and may not be reproduced witout the wxWidgets Licence.

Main features: wxhatch generates new wxwidgets projects, with a main frame and text or drawing/imaging window, provides a simple code editor, generates makefiles and calls the compiler for wxwidgets projects. wxhatch also provides a rapid means to manipulate menus (including drag and drop) and to locate the menu response code. It provides context-help on wxwidgets keywords

Author: Chris Elliott, biol75@york.ac.uk.

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