A wxSVGFileDC is a device context onto which graphics and text can be drawn. It is intended to represent the basics of writing SVG format files which are a open web format used to describe vector graphics though it may also include raster graphics. This version implements most of the vector drawing routines present in a wxDC  in a simple way. It does not do stippled or dashed or bitmapped vectors, or gradient fills. Thus you can use the same code to draw on the wxWindows screen Display context and on a SVG vector graphics file.

You can view the results of the first 4 tests on-line, with the wxWindows code used to draw lines, filled objects and text shown.

You can view the documentation in  HTML and download it in MSHelp format

Suggestions for improvements much welcomed!


You need to download a wxWindows release, currently 2.4.2 (stable) or 2.5.1 (development) and look in the contrib directory

Licence: wxWindows Licence

Viewing SVG Output

You can view SVG graphics using several implementaions, including browser plugins and SVG editors. As the specification and editors mature, the results will become more consistent. The current Adobe plugin works well on Windows and platforms. Amaya is also good on the Linux platform, while JASC's WebDraw does all except the rotated text.

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