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wxGTK port

wxGTK is a port of wxWidgets using the GTK+ library. It makes use of GTK+'s native widgets wherever possible and uses wxWidgets' generic controls when needed. GTK+ itself has been ported to a number of systems, but so far only the original X11 version is supported. Support for other GTK+ backends is planned, such as the new DirectFB backend.

All work is being done on GTK+ version 2.0 and above. Support for GTK+ 1.2 will be deprecated in a later release.

You will need GTK+ 2.0 or higher which is available from:

The newer version of GTK+ you use, the more native widgets and features will be utilized. We have gone to a great extent to allow compiling wxWidgets applications with a latest version of GTK+, with the resulting binary working on systems even with a much lower version of GTK+. You will have to ensure that the application is launched with lazy symbol binding for that.

In order to configure wxWidgets to compile wxGTK you will need use the --with-gtk argument to the configure script. This is the default for many systems.

GTK+ 1.2 can still be used, albeit discouraged. For that you can pass --with-gtk=1 to the configure script.

For further information, please see the files in docs/gtk in the distribution.