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wxDCClipper is a small helper class for setting a clipping region on a wxDC and unsetting it automatically. An object of wxDCClipper class is typically created on the stack so that it is automatically destroyed when the object goes out of scope. A typical usage example:

    void MyFunction(wxDC& dc)
        wxDCClipper clip(rect);
        ... drawing functions here are affected by clipping rect ...

    void OtherFunction()
        wxDC dc;
        ... drawing functions here are not affected by clipping rect ...
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wxDCClipper(wxDC& dc, const wxRegion& r)

wxDCClipper(wxDC& dc, const wxRect& rect)

wxDCClipper(wxDC& dc, int x, int y, int w, int h)

Sets the clipping region to the specified region r or rectangle specified by either a single rect parameter or its position (x and y) and size (w ad h).

The clipping region is automatically unset when this object is destroyed.