Compiling wxWindows samples with the Borland CBuilder

Before you begin

This refers to the 2.1.16 and 2.1.15 wxWindows distribution. It is my account of trying to compile the samples so I can use the Borland IDE to edit/compile/debug. I have used CBuilder 1.00 (2 patches, nice and fast) CBuilder 3 (slower) and CBuilder 4 (more reecently)

Make sure that the wx distribution is extracted to a path with no spaces in it, and preferably on the root of your drive. Borland's compilers sometimes have problems with spaces and with the long paths which occur if you try to place it in a tree like d:\compiler\gui\wx...

Part 1 Build the library

Build the wx\wx32.lib and related files using the command line compiler
Run a command prompt in the wx/src/msw directory and type

set wxwin=pathtowx
set bccdir=pathtobc4
make -f makefile.b32

In my case this I extracted the wx distribution in c:\ and the compiler is in w:\borland\cb\bin so this looks:

set wxwin=c:\wx
set bccdir=w:\borland\cb
make -f makefile.b32

If this doesn't compile,

If this doesn't link,

To make the samples

Solution 1

Download a zip file which contains modifed cpp, mak and bpr files - it will overwrite your wx distribution cpp files!

Solution 2

Creating the files by hand . This is for the calendar sample; you will have to change the names for the other samples #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#this is for Borland CBuilder IDE v1 and 3
#add a \ at the end of the lines if you editor breaks the long lines up
#copy this into notepad and save from there
!ifndef BCB
PROJECT = calendar.exe
RESFILES = calendar.res
CFLAG1 = -Od -v -a1 -c
# -Od disable optimisations -v debug -a1 byte align -c compile only (matches my make for the library)
CFLAG2 = -DINC_OLE2;__WIN95__;__WXMSW__;__WINDOWS__;WIN32;__BIDE__;-I$(BCB)\include;$(BCB)\include\vcl;..\..\include; -H=BC32.CSM
RFLAGS = -DINC_OLE2;__WIN95__;__WXMSW__;__WINDOWS__;WIN32;__BIDE__; -I$(BCB)\include;..\..\include;
LFLAGS = -L$(BCB)\lib;$(BCB)\lib\obj;..\..\lib -aa -Tpe -v -V4.0 -c
LINKER = ilink32
ALLOBJ = c0w32.obj $(OBJFILES)
ALLLIB = $(LIBFILES) vcl.lib xpm.lib wx32.lib ole2w32.lib import32.lib odbc32.lib cw32mt.lib
#you will need to add other libraries to the line above, eg the jpeg.lib for image samples


#end of file

#ifdef __BIDE__
#define _NO_VCL
#include "condefs.h"
#define WinMain WinMain
   // USEUNIT ("another.cpp"); // use a line like this if you have more than one .cpp file
    USERC ("calendar.rc");

In CBuilder 1 you can use Open Project to open the mak file and edit/compile/debug.
In CBuilder 3 and 4, then you can use Open Project and choose the Open Borland CBuilder 1 Project from the drop down file types. The system will modify the mak file and update it for you.

Now try compiling it in the ide.


Solution 3

I found in CBuilder 1 that the idetomak utility did not manage to convert all the samples, but idetobpr worked OK in CBuilder 3 and 4. I have a report that not all the bpr files made inb CBuilder 4 are correct

Error with ODBC32

Sometimes you get an error saying that there are unreolved externals in ODBC. The soltuion is to run a command prompt in your wx\lib directory and use the implib command:

C:\wx\lib>implib odbc32 c:\windows\system\odbc32.dll

This creates the necessary library, odbc32.lib

Unresolved Problem

In Borland CBuilder 1.00 (with linker service patch)  I frequently get an error

Turbo Incremental Link  Version 1.0 Copyright (c) 1997 Borland International
Fatal: Assertion failed: typeInx < typeCnt at "ilinkdbg.c", line 2060
Fatal: Access violation.  Program terminated.
Error: Internal failure -- retrying link...
Fatal: Assertion failed: typeInx < typeCnt at "ilinkdbg.c", line 2060
Fatal: Access violation.  Program terminated.

** error 2 ** deleting minimal.exe

I have not been able to track down why sometimes this error occurs and other times it is OK
I have not seen this in Cbuilder 3 or 4

Page updated on 31 May 2000 by Chris Elliott