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This zip file contains a set of files based on the samples in the wxWindows 2.1.15 distribution

It contains modified .cpp files for use in Borland CBuilder 1 and 3 (?4) and makefile (.mak) CBuilder 1 and Project files (.bpr) for CBuilder 3/4. I don't have a copy of CBuilder 5 to test the files

Warning: Extracting these files will overwrite the wxWindows distribution files - backup any samples you have modified before unzipping

Download at your own risk!

Download Unzip to the wx directory. I hope they will compile with only warnings emitted.
If you want to turn off the warnings about hidden virtual functions add -w-hid to the CFLAGS1 line.

Testing in 2.1.16

Modified files are provided for all the samples except dialup. I have tested these samples in CBuilder 4.00 For CBuilder v4, you will need a to replace the file wx/src/msw/filedlg.cpp directory with this one, or get it from the CVS. This is becasue, although the file will compile, it will not show the FileOpen and FileSave dialogs.

Testing in 2.1.15

I have tested these samples in CBuilder v3.00: (only warnings emitted)

and these with CBuilder v 4.00  I have not provided modified samples for:

Please send any bug reports to me (
Page last edited on May 31, 2000