Summary of my Research software

Neural network modelling software 
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  • Dasyview ; a viewer for Dasylab files for MS Windows, Macs and Linuxes
  • Bite_em ; a program to record the number of bites made by a freshwater snail in response to sucrose stimuli
  • aviclick - a program to manually record the progress of a snail (or other invertebrate) in an avi film
  • s'nail_em; a program to locate snails moving a round a tank and plot their progress in 3 dimensions
  • avimeasure - a program to measure how fast a snail eats lettuce
  • Cockroach ; a program to acquire neural data from cockroach leg spines (for class use at York only)
  • ascii_chart , a graph plotting program for bar and pie charts in Linux

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