Snail 3-d location project software


The software analyses the motion of a single snail moving in a tank and reports its position in x,y,z coordinates. A single video camera is used to record two images, one direct the other trough a mirror. AVI-format Videos of the snail are recorded (see example) analysed trigonometrically to record the position. An example analysis can be browsed here.

The details of the software have been accepted for publication in Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers.

Equipment required

The software was developed on a 486 DX 33 MHz PC with a Cirrus Logic™ 256 color board running Windows™ 3.1. It should run on any Windows 3.1 PC with 256 or more colors which has the Video for Windows™ run-time. See Below for how to get the required run-time library from one of the Winsite/ CICA mirror sites. 2Mbytes of RAM should be enough; it runs happily on 4Mbytes.

Obtaining the Analysis software

The analysis software is available here for those who have the Video for Windows runtime and who wish to try it out! The package includes When you unpack the Zip file, use Winzip or PKunzip with the -d flag to preserve the directories!

If you don't have the Video for Windows run-time, then you can download the files

The original runtime (which we used in development) is here in the UK and also in the USA.

It also works with the latest 1.1e runtime which is here in Europe and in the USA

All the software here is copyright by the authors (Julian Derry & Chris Elliott), but is available for public non-commercial use without charge. It is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The authors and The University of York, the COMPSYCH archive and the Journal Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers make no claims concerning the accuracy or correctness of the computer code contained in, or the results of the use of the accompanying software. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the accompanying software is assumed by the user. If the software is defective, you, and not the authors,or University or Journal (listed above), assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing repair or correction.


The authors (Julian Derry and Chris Elliott) are willing to provide partial support; easy or intriguing questions will be tackled, catastrophic bugs may be fixed and any updated versions will be placed on this web site

Send queries or requests for source code to Chris Elliott

16 May, 1996