Intracellular recording: safety is your main concern


Your safety is the most important. Don't hesitate to ask if you are not sure how to do some part of your project safely. Either find me or (if not quite so urgent) e-mail me

If a minor accident happens, find me (my phone number is 2812) or Peter Crosby (tel: 2899) immediately.

If a serious emergency occurs, requiring fire brigade or ambulance ring the University Emergency number 3333.

Intracellular recording requires skills with electrical apparatus, salines, sharps optical apparatus and may involve lasers. Since the molluscan nervous system responds to the same agents as ours, many of the chemicals may have toxic or other dangers. I don't expect beginners to master all the skills at once, but I do expect everything to be done carefully. These notes are here to help, as a reminder of my oral instructions.

Some of the main hazards are:
  Glass Electrodes and other sharps.
  Chemical safety
  Laser use
  Electrical hazards

Biology Department safety pages

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Instructions for dissection and impalement


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