Reproductive tract of Drosophila

This picture shows part of the reproductive tract of the female fruit fly.

Image of ovaries of fruit fly

You can view a video of its movements. This lasts 25 seconds and was recorded 15 frames/second.

 Same video - at different compressions (size shown) Original
speed (15 fps)
Reduced to 1.5 frames/second
Uncompressed windows avi  348 Mbytes  34 Mbytes
Huffy Compressed - this is a lossless compression analogous to a zip file. Only for windows (works in win2k, win XP, win ME), but it tis  less than a 20 kbyte free download  from its homepage at Berkeley 129 Mbytes 12 Mbytes
MS Video 9 Compressed - some blurring of the edges compared with original data 0.5 Mbyte  0.2 Mbytes
Qucktime compressed movie - small loss of quality9.2 Mbyte0.9 Mbyte

The AviLine program, to analyse these movements is available from this York page.

chris 2 sept 05