Sample Connor 2-cell Simulation Output

These are the results of simulations in which the two neurons are colored red and blue. The images are 5-9kBytes in size, so i hope they download quite quickly. The thickness of the lines has been enhanced for these web pages.

 Simple Simulation

In this simulation, the blue cell is being stimulated at 10 µA, but with the strength of the ouput synapse at zero 

 Synapse simulation

In this case, the blue cell stimulus current has been increased to 12 µA, so that it fires fasteer than shown above. The blue cell output synapse has been set to sodium (Na) and the strength to 35%, so that the synaptic inputs summate to evoke occasional action potentials in the red cell

Settings dialog

This image shows the settings dialog, which allows control over the stimulus current and synaptic output from a cell