Connor Multi-Cell Model

This is an extension of my 2-cell model to deal with networks of more cells. This page contains the windows95 executable and help files. For details of the simulation method and equations look here. This is version 1.20

Download at your own risk! The author and the University of York give no warranties about this software. The files are copyright and may not be distributed comemrcially without permission.

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Quick Suggestions


Here are some example simulation data files. If you want to try them, shift-click to download or you will just see them as text:

1998-05-22    15:26    1cell.nwk          191	

A one cell model showng action potentials. Unlike the Hodgkin-Huxley model, all the action potentials are the same size, irrespective of the firing frequency. Click the cell and drag its corners to change the stimulus current.

1998-07-30    11:56    2cell.nwk          324	
1998-07-30    11:56    2cell_b.nwk        324

A two cell model showing EPSPs; the first case shows nice sub-threshold EPSPs while the second file shows each EPSP giving rise to a burst of action potentials.

1998-07-30    11:57    3cell.nwk          470	

A three cell model showing the IPSPs preventing one cell from firing

1998-06-22    22:06    3cell_b.nwk        470	

A three cell model showing that a single EPSP can produce more than one action potential, agian this would look quite different in a Hodgkin-Huxley simulation.

The Source

for the current version (1.2) is available

Bugs and Help

Try the enclosed help file first, but feel free to e-mail Suggestions for improvements much appreciated.