Download Connor 2-cell model

This is version 2.1 of the simulation.

This file is available as a windows 95 executable with help files

The author and the University of York give no warranties about this software. It has been run on windows 95 and is expected to run in windows 98 and windows NT, but it is completely untested in these environments as I have no machines on which to test it.

The program and help files are available for download by clicking below. I suggest putting the files in a fresh directory by themselves.

1998-07-03    09:47    connor2.cnt        225
1999-03-03    14:05    connor2.exe     409 KB
1999-02-22    20:59    connor2.hlp      46 KB

Source code

The source was built in Borland CBuilder v1.00. It should compile cleanly, providing that the include directory path searches the CVODE files before the Borland vcl files.

Here are the source (.cpp), header (.h) and forms (.dfm) needed:


1999-03-09    13:26    connor2.cpp       1 KB
1999-03-09    13:24    mycode.cpp       23 KB
1998-07-01    20:57    aboutbox.cpp       650
1998-01-20    10:24    ok.cpp             728
1999-03-09    13:19    mycode.h          3 KB
1999-02-22    14:42    aboutbox.h        1009
1998-01-20    10:23    ok.h              1013
1999-02-22    14:42    aboutbox.dfm      7 KB
1999-03-03    14:05    mycode.dfm       11 KB
1998-01-05    21:58    ok.dfm             623

Here are the files for the icon and a makefile:

1998-07-01    20:34    connor2.ico        766
1999-03-03    14:02    connor2.mak       1 KB

Here are the source for the help file:

1999-02-22    20:59    connor2.rtf     968 KB
1999-02-22    16:34    connor2.hpj        383

To complile it you also need a copy of the CVODE engine, which is called to solve the simulation. I placed parts of the CVODE package in the cvode subdirectory of the source files and provide the source (.c) header (.h), object files (.o) and the Borland library (.lib) files needed.

1999-03-03    13:11    cvode            [DIR]

The full CVODE package can be downloaded from in file ode/cvode.tar.gz

Construction of the ODEs

The simultaneous ODE (Ordinary differential equations) used in this project were implemented in a Maple Worksheet and the output exported as C code. The worksheet used is:

1999-03-03 13:11 	connor.mws 		[DIR]

Bugs and suggestions

Please E-mail any bugs or suggestions for improvements to me, Chris Elliott

Page last updated 9 March 1999