Connor model of Nerve membrane potentials

In 1977 Connor et al showed that crab axons had a fast acting Potassium current which altered their membrane properties. This is usually called IA and its presence means that the nerve axons can sustain slow rates of repetitive firing. It also means that synaptic inputs from nerve cell to nerve cell must supply much more current than in the Hodgkin-Huxley models.

Here are the files for the windows 95 executable with source for my implementation of the Connor Neuronal current equations in a 2 cell version. No warranty of any kind is supplied. This is version 2, February 1999.

In the model, you can vary the stimulus current for each cell, the kinds of synaptic connection between the two neurons and the strength of the connections.

New in V2:

  • You can switch off the A Current and use a simulation similar to that of Hodgin-Huxley.
  • You can print the traces directly
  • You can save the data to a plain text file, in addition to the original copy to clipboard
  • updated help file

A multicell version is available too.

w95 Executable and help files

This is my second beta version of the simulation. The author and the University of York give no warranties about this software. The program and help files are copyright and may not be distributed commercially. Download at your own risk! If you do download, I suggest you save all three files into a new directory.

1999-02-03    17:09    connor2.exe     352 KB
1999-02-02    21:25    connor2.hlp      38 KB
1998-07-03    09:47    connor2.cnt        225

This program requires the Nag library nagcl04.dll already installed on your computer. The program will load and show the main window, but will not run the Connor simulation without this library which is not resdistributable under the NAG licence to the University of York.

Some things to try

Source (Borland CBuilder 1.0)


1998-07-01    20:57    aboutbox.cpp       650
1998-07-03    09:31    connor2.cpp       1 KB
1999-02-03    17:09    mynag.cpp        14 KB
1998-01-20    10:24    ok.cpp             728

headers (Nag supplied headers not publicly distributable)...

1999-01-29    17:27    aboutbox.h         962
1999-02-01    20:04    mynag.h           2 KB
1998-01-20    10:23    ok.h              1013


1999-01-29    17:28    aboutbox.dfm       967
1999-02-03    17:05    mynag.dfm         9 KB
1998-01-05    21:58    ok.dfm             623

Help Source....

1999-02-02    21:25    connor2.rtf     939 KB
1998-07-03    09:55    connor2.hpj        366

Maple worksheet for the Connor equations....

1998-05-04    22:16    connor_c.mws     17 KB worksheet
1998-04-24    08:20    connor_c.mpl      3 KB ODEs in a Maple ascii format

Bugs and Help

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