AviLine - How do fly muscles move?

AviLine is a program designed to measure the movement of fly organs, eg muscles.

It generates an Excel spreadsheet (with the same names as the input image sequence file), giving the differnce between successive frames, maesured along a selected line.

It comes with no warranty and no guarantee of any kind. Download at own risk!

The easiest way to use Aviline is with this ImageJ macro; save it into the plugins subdirectory of ImageJ, and restart ImageJ. (you get ImageJ here: http://rsbweb.nih.gov/ij/download.html)

Bugs and suggestions: should be emailed to me!

Of historical interest, here are the platform-specifc binaries:

Download version 0.99 Binaries released Oct 05
Read the Help files

Chris Elliott (biol75@york.ac.uk) 27 June 2012